Scaling educational processes

360AI’s Artificial Intelligence powered solutions help educators and publishers meet 21st century education needs. Our solutions are targeted at scaling educational processes that until now depended largely on human labour. Employing our solutions helps you free-up human resources for those areas where humans can really make a difference for learners.

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Automated Metadata Tagging

Metadata is indispensable for efficiently managing content. Our automated metadata tagging solutions help create high quality metadata and speed up publication workflows.

Learn how automated metadata tagging can improve your publishing process.


Adaptive Vocabulary Training

Creating large quantities of high-quality question items is expensive. Our automated task generation solution helps you automate this process.

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Adaptive learning applications

Building adaptive learning applications requires context free and granular content mapped to learning goals. With our Learning Graph you can model the relationships between learners, content and learning goals to provide true adaptive learning.



Computer Supported Grading

Maintaining consistent and high quality evaluations of open ended questions in high stakes exams is typically solved by employing multiple independent evaluators. Our auto grader works besides human evaluators to provide evaluation suggestions to lower the total cost of evaluations.



21st century needs in education

360AI provides solutions to publishers and educators to meet the standard of the 21st century:

Scaling education

The demand for education is growing exponentially, while education capacity is linear at best. 360AI automates cognitive tasks performed by humans to help meet education needs. At the same time costs of education are rising. Our solutions reduce the cost of content creation and frees-up teachers time so they can spend it where it really makes a difference.  

Personalized learning

A knowledge economy requires a highly trained workforce and one-size fits all models for education are no longer adequate. 360AI provides the capabilities to recommend content to learners that match their individual needs.  

Education / labour market mismatch

There is a mismatch between labour market demand and what education provides. 360AI supports publishers to get their content ready to market and to bridges the gap between content delivery and analytics.

New skill-sets

Teachers need to teach new 21st century skill-sets that cross the traditional boundaries between subjects. Our technologies help provide high-quality metadata and semantically enrich content to support the discovery of content that teaches these new skills.



Learn what 360AI can do for you

Intended for a mixed audience of business and technical experts, we can provide an onsite or remote presentation on the capabilities of 360AI. The technology introduction is free of charge and aims at determining whether 360AI is a good fit for your business needs.