automating metadata-tagging TO MAKE content SMART

360AI helps publishers meet 21st century education needs. Our solution scales educational processes through artificial intelligence automation of metadata-tagging and alleviates the dependency on human labour. In other words. implementing our solution helps you free-up human labor such as data-entry and administrative tasks. Ultimiately, our solution speeds up the process of producing educational content.

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Automated Metadata Tagging

Metadata is indispensable for efficiently managing content. Our automated metadata tagging solution helps create high quality metadata and speed up publication workflows.

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Adaptive learning applications

With our Learning Graph, you can model the relationships between learners, content and learning goals to provide true adaptive learning.



Learn what 360AI can do for you

Intended for education publishers, we can provide an onsite or remote presentation on the capabilities of 360AI. The demo is free of charge and aims at determining whether 360AI is a good fit for your content needs.