Automatically generate questions and tests for vocabulary training

Creating large quantities of high-quality questions and tests for vocabulary training can be expensive and time consuming. Our question generation solution helps you automate this process. Either generate questions during your content creation to support authors based on a words to be learned, or generate them real-time to match a learner’s progress.


  • Generate cloze questions for words the learner hasn’t yet mastered.
  • Generate cloze questions for specific words.

  • Generate sample sentences to illustrate the meaning of words.

  • Integrates with text-to-speech and dictionary services.

  • Great for cramming/memorization purposes (e.g flashcard app, cramming app).

  • Register answers and attempts per question.

  • Supports xAPI.



Sample case

KnowbleReader, is a browser plugin that helps learners to improve their English (UK) with news articles selected at their language level. It uses the Content Generator API to generate questions based on unknown words.