Track learner interaction across multiple learning applications

When learners use online educational content or applications, their interactions can be captured for for further analysis. Whether you are building a component based learning environment (Next Generation Digital Learning Environment) or have organically grown a portfolio of independent learning applications from various suppliers, you will need to find a way to get a unified view on these interactions to be able to effectively monitor learner engagement and achievement.

A Learning Record Store (LRS) is an off-the-shelve big-data storage component that allows you to analyse learning results, measure content quality or provide feedback and predictions to students based on their study behaviour. Learner interactions are sent to the LRS using the xAPI or IMS Caliper standard which describes learning experiences as a statements that contain information about the learner, the type of interaction (verb) and the learning object that was interacted with and the context in which the interaction happened.


  • Store student learning experiences from multiple sources (learning applications) in a standardized format in a central big-data database.
  • Aggregate and pre-process collected data to enable efficient development of learning analytics features.
  • Visualize student activity with dashboard reports and embed them in your learning environment.

Implementation services

As part of our 360AI proposition we provide:

  • Easy setup, configuration, hosting and support of the LRS.
  • Development and consultancy services for integrating existing learning applications with the LRS using the xAPI standard.
  • Assistance with the definition of ‘recipes’ for standardized exchange of learning experiences.
  • Development of custom reports based on LRS data.
  • Development of analytical and predictive models.


Powered by Learning Locker


xAPI statements are stored in Learning Locker. This enterprise-level Learning Record Store is highly scalable for big-data applications.