An integrated model of content, learners and outcomes for analytics, recommendations and personaliZed learning.

360AI’s Learning Graph is a comprehensive and interlinked model of learner profiles, educational content and learning outcomes (or learning goals). It efficiently stores and manages semantically rich relationships between these moduels which is fundamental to intelligent learning and publishing applications.

learning graph model-1.png

In learning applications, the Learning Graph enables real-time content recommendations to learners based on correlations between learner goals, strengths and weaknesses.  It also analyzes the learners' engagement and progression. Relationships between the moduels in the graph are constantly updated based on the learners' interactions with content and their ever-changing learning preferences.

Educational publishing solutions can use the Learning Graph to model how learning goals are interrelated and what content is available to teach effectively. When creating new products, publishers can use the Learning Graph to quickly find already existing content in their content management system that relates to the concepts in the new product outline.