Knowble: 360AI for language learning


Knowble uses natural language processing, learner modeling provided by 360AI to offer a personalized language-learning newspaper.

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What is Knowble ?

Knowble provides enriched news articles as language-learning material.

The 360AI technology enables Knowble to analyze several thousand news pieces every day. Furthermore, 360AI enables Knowble to recommend the most relevant news articles for each learner, based on his or her language level and personal interests.

Therefore, every learner reads personalized news content equipped with additional language features such as translations, vocabulary tasks, etc. The more articles a learner reads, the more personalized the software becomes.

Content creation costs are minimized through the automated selection and curation of text materials. With access to a massive amount of articles created every day and customization options, possibilities are limitless. Currently, available for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch news articles.


The Knowble principle