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Content reuse provides content managers an overview of what content already exists and what content can be repurposed or reused. Content reuse makes searching easier through smart search capabilities.

For example, a content manager is producing an American History book with a chapter about Martin Luther King. The content manager would like to search for “Martin Luther King” as a keyword with different events linked to Martin Luther King except the “I have a dream speech” historical event.

Or vice versa, the content manager needs to search the event “I have a dream” speech but exclude Martin Luther King and rather find search results of other important historical figures present during the “I have a dream” speech.

How does it help content managers?

Content reuse helps content managers know what kind of content collateral they already have in their content audit or database. It also speeds up the research process for authors also who need to write quickly with pressing deadlines. It can search and filter out certain results based on events or people. no more wasted time searching through poorly organized data or producing unnecessary duplicate content.