Flexible and Scalable 

Build the backbone of your educational services infrastructure with 360AI. Based on over 10 years of experience in the educational domain, EDIA has designed 360AI as a highly flexible and scalable architecture that supports a wide variety of educational use cases.

Select the 360AI building blocks that match your current needs and scale up when your business grows.

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Aimed at accelerating the development of innovative learning applications

Use our API’s to enhance your existing publishing and learning applications and accelerate the development of new innovative solutions. You can also get support from our team of AI and education technology experts. Using an agile development process that adapts to your requirements and responds to your priorities, we can design and deliver tangible results quickly.


Building Blocks


Linked educational content and big data

Structure and manage educational content and big data to enable AI driven learning and publishing applications.

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Learning Graph

An integrated model of content, learners and outcomes for analytics, recommendations and personalized learning.

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Learning Record Store

Centralized big-data storage to record learning experiences from multiple sources for analytics and reporting.



Artificial Intelligence Engine

Proprietary AI technologies to extract meaning from unstructured content to increase discoverability, and to provide high-quality content recommendations, analytics and content generation.

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Named-Entity Recognition

Extract names of persons, organizations, locations and more from texts.

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Readability Analysis

Calculates the readability (text difficulty) of a given text in a number of metrics such as CILT, CLIB, Flesh Reading Ease, Flesh Grade Level, Dale-Chall and SMOG.

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Topic Classification

Assigns one or more predefined categories based on educational taxonomies or national curricula.

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Similarity Analysis

Determines the percentage of similarity between two texts.

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Learning Analytics

Gain insights into student performance and content quality through analytics of learner activities.

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News Recommendation

Find and recommend news articles based on topic and readability level.

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Learning Task Creation

Automatically generate questions or sample sentences for vocabulary training.



Evaluate, Recommend, Reflect, Curate, Deliver, Match...

360AI’s capabilities can be used in a variety of learning and publishing solutions. Take a look at our use cases to get inspired how we apply these capabilities for our customers.



Benefits of the 360AI platform


Artificial Intelligence for Education

360AI capabilities are specifically tailored to the educational sector, unlike other AI providers that typically cater to a broad range of industries.

Open platform

360AI’s capabilities are designed to be integrated into existing and new applications. Thanks to the well-documented Restful API’s, integration is a breeze.

Solid and flexible architecture

EDIA has over 10 years experience building service infrastructures for educational applications. Using this experience we have developed an architecture that scales for high performance and that is flexible enough to meet a broad range of use-cases in the educational sector.

Standards based

EDIA has always been committed to using industry standards that allow for greater interoperability and reusability. These standards include standards from IMS Global and ADL such as LTI and xAPI.



Learn what 360AI can do for you

Intended for a mixed audience of business and technical experts, we can provide an onsite or remote presentation on the capabilities of 360AI. The technology introduction is free of charge and aims at determining whether 360AI is a good fit for your business needs.