Create high quality metadata

Metadata is indispensable for efficiently managing content. Our automated metadata tagging solutions help create high quality metadata and speedup publication workflows.

For various reasons metadata is not always applied as intended which leads to poor searchability, limited content reuse and greatly reduced opportunities to recommend or upsell additional content to users.

One of the causes for poor metadata is that it relies heavily on human data entry. This results in metadata that is:

  • Unavailable - authors/editors don’t add metadata under time pressures or other constraints.
  • Inconsistent - authors/editors use different metadata values for similar content or use variations in spelling.
  • Incomplete - authors/editors enter only a subset of all the relevant metadata.

In addition, adding metadata manually adds significant time to the publishing process, reducing the time-to-market of educational products.


Benefits of automated metadata   

Our text analysis solutions allow you to automatically analyze content and recommend relevant metadata to content authors and editors. These solutions can be used to provide metadata for existing content repositories or can be embedded in the content creation workflow.

  • Scales metadata tagging process.
  • Increase metadata quality in terms of consistency and quantity.
  • Save time and resources and publish content faster.
  • Increased searchability.
  • Monetize existing content through better content reuse.
  • Enables smart content recommendations.