Adaptive Learning for a new primary school

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360AI for adaptive and self-paced learning

For a new primary school in the Middle East, EDIA developed an adaptive learning PoC that supports a blended learning methodology. Supporting the self-paced learning sessions, the system recommends bite-sized learning activities to each student that is linked to various learning objectives of the school’s curriculum.

Based on the student’s performance towards mastering the learning objectives, the system adapts the activities that are offered to students in their weekly schedule. Using each student’s personal interests, the platform also recommends extra curricular activities. These activities are selected from various open educational resources on the web and augment the teacher’s capabilities to provide each learner with personalized and engaging content.

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Powered by 360AI

360AI provides the adaptive capabilities to their platform by generating a personal learning path for each student. The AI engine closely monitors student progress towards learning objectives and the exposure to learning content. Hereby constructing a model of the learner’s knowledge and skills. With machine learning technology this model is then used to recommend learning activities. In addition, it also predicts which students are expected to fall behind and signals to teachers where interventions are needed.

360AI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms analyzes, classifies and categorizes both pre-selected learning content by subject matter experts as well as content from various open sources on the web. This creates an enhanced model of the curriculum content which can be used in combination with the learner model to optimize the matching of recommended learning resources.