We Make Educational content smart

We do that by extracting valuable metadata from your content


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Do you struggle with managing millions of content items?

360AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) engine, can help you with that. We offer a smart content management solution that helps publishers follow their respective taxonomies or publishing guidelines so that they can produce content faster and more accurately.

In other words, 360AI helps publishers classify content to the most appropriate reading difficulty level or CEFR level. It extracts valuable learning objectives, topic and keywords (metadata) from your content.

OUR CUSTOMERS accomplish higher accuracy with 360AI

Malmberg, a Dutch education publisher, achieved a 95% accuracy rate by meta-tagging their English content with artificial intelligence.




It's easy to implement 360AI - check out our APIs

360AI provides Artificial Intelligence building blocks delivered as APIs, aimed at accelerating the development of innovative teaching and learning products.


360AI saves up to 80% in metadata tagging costs!

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We use artificial intelligence for content classification for proprietary networks & neural networks